Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Free Giveaway of The Mage of Dunnersley!

Following the sudden acts of outrageous philanthropy last week, I will be giving away the first boon in the Dunnersley Chronicles Series 'The Mage of Dunnersley' as of;

12.00 AM (PST) 17th APRIL 2013.

So, for all of us non-over the pond'ers that translates as 8.00AM 17th APRIL 2013.

Give-away continues for 24 hours, enjoy!



Thursday, 11 April 2013

Free Download of The Hidden of Dunnersley!

The second book of the Dunnersley Chronicles: 'The Hidden of Dunnersley' will be absolutely free for a short time only!

If I understand Amazon KDP Select at all (and their strange Pacific time-zones) then the promotion will start at

12.00 AM PST on the 12th APRIL.

For those of you using the trusty Greenwich Mean-Time then (I think) that will translate as about 8 AM 12th of APRIL.

The free-day lasts, quite unsurprisingly for 24 hours only and will finish at 12.00 AM or 8 AM the following day.

Thank you!


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Hidden of Dunnersley Coming Soon!

Part Two of the Dunnersley Chronicles: The Hidden of Dunnersley is about to hit the amazon e-shelves any day now, give or take some electronic finagling (technical term, means to generally mess about with).

Settled on the title 'Hidden' of Dunnersley in part because it directly relates to the Hidden Order, or more casually just 'The Order' (see character page on this blog), but also because the novella starts pointing a finger or two at the magical mystery that is this London borough.

So, what is there is expect in The Hidden of Dunnersley?

- More on the Hidden Order for one thing.
- What happens when one 'becomes a mage'.
- Who are the Lost of Dunnersley? Freya starts to find out the answer to that question...
- The shabbyman makes a return, and unveils some of his scarier powers.
- And of course, more occult/paranormal forces than you can shake a reasonably sized grimoire at...

Enjoy! The link will be posted when the book is finally up and running.