Residents of Dunnersley:

Abe McAllister - Twenty-something young man, drifting since his university days and getting by through dingy bedsits and minor gardening jobs. Has a mop of unruly dark hair, generally a cyncical attitude and no idea what is about to happen to him.
Favorite Saying: "Huh?"
Favorite Activity: Getting lost in a garden.

Freya - Mid-teenage years orphan girl who lives on the streets and has a fondness for arcane swearing. Tries to never have the same coloured hair five days in a row. A powerful young mage whose abilities hide a disturbing potential for destruction, but hates all forms of authority.
Favorite Saying: 'Seven Layers of Hell' & 'By the Thors Very Own Hammer!'
Favorite Food: Pizza &chips. Or licorice.

The Professor - Ezeke Tobias Ballory, Order Procurater of the magical borough of Dunnersley. Also the chair and only teacher of the deserted Musical Academy for Gifted Young People, where he resides. A small man with a wiry frame and frenetic energy.
Favorite Saying: 'Well, I'm sure Plato would have agreed, but...'
Favorite Music: Mozart.

Mr Tweedy - Solicitor and Legal agent. A gray sort of man with a gray sort of job.
Favorite Saying: 'Can I have that in writing?'

Mr Yao - Portly owner of Yao's Restaurant; a traditional Chinese eating establishment in the heart of Dunnersley. Dislikes the Order and the Templars, and usually manages to negotiate his way between both because of his unique talents.

The Templar:

The Knights Templar, an order of secret society religious fanatics who seek to purge the boroughs of the great city of supernatural heresy.

The Shabbyman - A creature made of darkness and shadow; half living and half pieced together from the poor souls dragged from the netherworlds. Enslaved and wretched.


The Lost Mages of Dunnersley (Sammy Treherne's Boys):

The feral gang of magic-users, tricksters, montebanks and charlatans who all have a little power and facility. usually those too mad or damaged for the order to take in, or those that the Templars are actively pursuing. Known for their chaotic style, free-running across the city-scape, grafitti and loud music.

Sammy - The leader of the Lost Mages of Dunnersley. A large punk with bleached and spiked hair, permanently listening to large headphones blaring bass music and rap. Don't make him angry.
Favorite Saying: 'What you looking? Are you looking at me, because I don't see anyone else here...?'
Favorite Tunes: Anything loud enough to drown out the city...

Henna - Sammy's strange girlfriend, looking prone to strange visions and muttered curses. Strikingly pale and beautiful, aside from her disfigured and child-like arm that she keeps hidden.

The Order:

The Order of the Hidden Star is the last biggest organised magical fraternity aside from the Templars in Dunnersley, with a history that stretches back to the Rosicrucians and the alchemists of lore. Believe themselves to be the keepers of magical history and pride.

The Order operate many sanctuaries, and are run by their Cabal of top Master Mages, the Master Videre, the Master Orare, the Master Summoner and the Chief Marshall.

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