The Dunnersley Chronicles kicks off with the release of the first part in the series 'The Mage of Dunnersley' available as an ebook from Smashwords! This humble website hopes to provide my thoughts, sneak peaks and ongoing behind-the-scenes tales for the Dunnersley Chronicles.

The Mage of Dunnersley is the first in a collection of tales penned by yours truly, set in a near-fictional borough of the great city-mother of them all: London-upon-Thames.

Here you will find tales of the strange sorts of characters who live there; from the feral Lost Mages that J.M. Barrie only hinted at; to the bizarre obsessions of the Lumiocculists, the Shabbymen and the Templar. This is a London where the cults and secrets did not die so easily as they may have done elsewhere, where strange things happen to unwary people and bad things occur to just about everybody.

The Dunnersley Chronicles itself began life as an inkling of an idea, a suspicion in the mind of one Elias Thurwood. What if the conspiracies and the rumours were all true? What if cities themselves had their own mythologies?

This is not whizz-bang wizardry; these tales are about the strange flotsam and jetsom characters who still yet hold knacks and talents. A little facility for telepathy, or reading the signs in the pavements, or even moving things with the power of their mind.

These tales are also about corruption, secret societies and undead mysteries.

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